Documenting my journey from amateur punter to professional gambler


I’ve created this site as a kind of diary of my progress this year in becoming a professional sports bettor and trader. If you are thinking of the same journey, there will be a variety of articles, reviews of services and articles on the Psychology and Theory of successful betting and trading.

I hope that it will be useful for you and help you improve your own profits along the way!

A little bit about me if you’re interested: I’m originally from London but live in the Middle East with my wife and baby daughter. In a previous life I worked for a spread betting company as a bet taker but have been a Psychology teacher for many years. In my spare time I’m also a freelance writer.

I’ve decided to take this year to pursue a dream of mine to go pro. I think I’ve stumbled on some great strategies and edges from countless hours of false dawns but time will tell!

If you enjoy the page (or even if you don’t and you want to give me some constructive feedback!) please let me know by sending me an email


Good luck and I hope you enjoy the content!